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James Juliano

Owner and Chief Investment Officer

Kairos Capital Advisors was founded with the name "Kairos," meaning, "That moment when which vision, bold action and opportunity converge to achieve extraordinary accomplishment."  


I strive to bring this capacity for seeing and acting on opportunities to investment strategies that both preserve and grow clients' capital.  As a fee only registered investment advisor, I proudly serve as a fiduciary to all my clients.  

As a longtime student of economic policy and financial market history, I have learned the value of being a humble student of changing market conditions.  When conditions change, especially macroeconomic policy conditions, it is wise to adjust investments in order to protect and grow capital. 

I graduated from the University of Richmond with a concentration in Finance in 2002.  Shortly after, I joined the family office of Russell Redenbaugh where I worked alongside the Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Redenbaugh himself, on economic policy analysis and asset allocation strategies over the next 18 years.


In 2020 I became registered as an independent Registered Investment Advisor to continue bringing the lessons and strategies cultivated with Mr. Redenbaugh to investment advisory clients.  

I live outside of Philadelphia in Medford, NJ with my wife and two sons.

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