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We design and manage investment portfolios that maximize wealth creation, deliver clients to their goals and provide security for a more reliable future.


We are a fee only registered investment advisor that proudly serves as a fiduciary to our clients.  This means we have a legal obligation to put our clients' interests ahead of our own in all recommendations. 

We allocate your assets proactively based on the current economic conditions and government economic policies in place.  


We adjust your asset allocation if and when those conditions and policies shift.


We utilize a global menu of asset classes across stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate market in order to capitalize on investment opportunities during any economic environment.  


We implement our asset allocation using publicly traded vehicles to maximize portfolio liquidity.

We manage client accounts held in custody at Charles Schwab where they receive FDIC, SIPC and Lloyd's of London insurance protection.


We also manage client "held away" accounts (like 401K &403B) as well as advise on third party money managers our clients may work with. 

We believe and invest in client facing technology solutions that make it easy for our clients to know what they own and why.  Clients receive:

  • Monthly statement directly from Charles Schwab

  • Quarterly reports from an independent third party provider

  • 24/7 online account access


Fees are a percentage of asset under management.  No commissions.

If you are interested in becoming an advisory client please apply here.

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