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We help business owners increase investment returns and mitigate fiduciary risk through proven 401K plan design strategies

For the average retirement plan participant (age 40, income $44,000, starting account balance $40,000) a poorly designed 401K plan can result in   

22 years

of additional work


of additional work

lost investment savings

We help business owners improve these investment outcomes while lowering their fiduciary risk   

Business owners hire us as their retirement plan advisor because they want...


Sponsoring a 401(k) plan is more than just time consuming and complicated, it also places legal responsibilities on you, the business owner, as the plan’s fiduciary.  Your fiduciary’s responsibilities under the rules of ERISA are recognized as the “highest known to the law.” As a plan sponsor, how will you demonstrate that you have fulfilled your legal obligation?  Given the expertise and specialization necessary to manage your plan, many plan sponsors like you choose to employ the services of a registered investment advisor.  

As your adivsor we will reduce your legal liability and regulatory risk by serving as an “Investment Manager” under Section 3(38) of ERISA, which allows you to delegate your responsibility of designating a menu of investments for participants. You monitor us and the reasonableness of our fees, and we select, monitor and update the plan’s investments. 


High investment fees are the hidden killer of investment portfolios, and your retirement plan is likely riddled with them.  The average mutual fund fee is 1.25%, and over 90% of active fund managers underperform their benchmark.

We dramatically lower your plan's fees while also avoiding manager underperformance by using low cost, passive ETFs and mutual funds.  Passive fund fees average 0.18%, a fraction of active fund fees, and have little to no underperformance versus their benchmark because they are designed to track the benchmark.

Lower and more transparent fees coupled with eliminating active manager underperformance puts your company's plan and your own & employees retirement assets in a position to deliver superior wealth building.

We partner with some of the most respected and trusted firms in the industry to deliver you...

Full service record keeping, custody and plan administration - all through a single retirement plan program 
Breadth of investment choices to design a best in class investment menu with fully transparent pricing
Online enrollment, educational support, comprehensive website, rebalancing capabilities, personalized rates of return, daily valuation, data exports, rollover assistance, 24-hour support
Full service record keeping and plan administration, asset custody services, compliance testing, Form 5500 preparation, auto-enroll and auto-increase programs, signature ready documents, dedicated support

Contact us for a free, no obligation  Fee Comparison Report to see how your current plan compares with our recommended solution.

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